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United Russia, an Islamic State
Baby try and make some sense
Ought to love, shouldn't hate
But the fog, Jesus, is dense

So happy to announce you that today, 16 November, we had Twins (one book, to put it bluntly, was cut in half):

(There's really nothing to be happy about. The Finnish version of the play is horseshit -- I'm currently rewriting it in English, and as of today, 8 December 2014, it is going well. Thank you, dogs...)


Syyrian J ("The Jay of Syria") and Natiivi ("The Native").

Lue katkelma täältä ("read excerpt").

Osta kirjat täältä ja täältä ("buy the beauties in their astonishing entirety").

Jonkin aikaa toinen otuksista on luettavissa myös täällä ("briefly, the monster").


You want to read them in English, you'll have to pay Arttu Ahava enough to abandon his day job. And he's a LAWYER...


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