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Troll the Trolls. Do It Now!


Counterinsurgency Online.

Let us not praise the trolls. They are horrible human beings, and deserve every inch of that cesspool where they spend their lives. No matter how dreadful the circumstances. They’ll get what’s coming to them, in this life, and the next.
You can hasten their fate, though.
Make no mistake: Trolls, those pro-Russian anti-Semites are scum, plain and simple.
That said, them Neon pink Nazi worms have succeeded in one thing.
Having a rational discussion online is absolutely impossible these days. You know what I’m talking about, right? If not, consider yourself blessed, like Harvey Keitel the Bad Lieutenant—bullets won’t hit you! Or maybe they will. Remember what happened to poor Harvey in the movie?
Right… wrong. If in doubt, check out the comments on any piece of news, anywhere. Gotcha. Now:
There’s a cure for it. And you can bring it about!
All you have to do is this.
1.        Pick up a name.
2.       Obtain an e-mail address for that name.
3.       Obtain a Facebook account for said name.
And presto: you’re good to go! Start trolling the trolls immediately!
Believe me, it’s fun. Compared to bitching about the way of the world to your hand-picked circle of… um… friends? It is a fucking riot!
And besides, you’ll win every argument you get into... eyes closed, in handcuffs. Remember, facts are on your side.
In his unique book on depression and recovery, Hello to All That, John Falk recounts how he met the anti-sniper. For a fellow who later became the subject of a HBO movie, Shot through the Heart, he was a quiet, likable guy… and completely devoted to his job.
His job was to shoot the snipers. His targets were the notorious cowardly Serbs killing the civilians, one by one, in  the streets of Sarajevo.
Forget Mark Wahlberg. Forget Ryan Philippe. Forget even Brandon Cooper.
You can be that guy, in your own style.
It beats going to bed every night blinded by an impotent rage.
You can make a difference.
Happy hunting!

P.S. Check out the next post for guidance, inspiration (or not) et cetera.

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