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Hag Blog: @AnnaKislichenko

This is a post assembled in a hurry, so please, bear with me. In fact, this is just an e-mail hastily rewritten. Still, the facts are there, and online you're able to find lengthy descriptions about every name you come across below... save for the Hag herself. I hope and pray she became a household name as well soon.

This is a story that does not exist. Not in Finland, at least. This sad state of affairs - maybe it's a cause for celebration and I'm a jerk, yet I doubt it - tells way too much about the rock bottom my country has hit. Was it last year? No. In 2014 we reached even greater depths...

Anyhow. In 2013, the Russian filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov lived with a member of the Finnish government. Heidi Hautala was the minister whose job it was, among other things, to supervise the companies where the State held shares. She got into trouble at work, and, in the end, was forced to resign.

In the middle of all the brouhaha surrounding the Finnish politician, a Russian blogger and some sort of an ombudswoman for children, Anna Kislichenko, published Hautala's home address on her blog.

Now why would she do that?

Everyone and their mother knows why. Nekrasov wrote an article about Alexander Litvinenko's dying days, and made a film about the Moscow apartment block explosions, which started the Second Chechen War and guaranteed Vladimir Putin his first term of presidency. The Kremlin does not want anyone to discuss these topics: especially the charge that the Russian secret police FSB blew up those buildings, not Chechens terrorists, as Putin suggested. Ask Litvinenko's widow Marina how badly the Russian government wants to kill that conversation.

I know it's a standard operating procedure in Russia to publish every dissident's home address for each and every Nashi thug to see. The idea is that one of those thugs is crazy enough to pay the heretic a visit.

Hautala just happened to live in Helsinki, Finland.

I contacted a couple of Finnish reporters on the matter. One of them was Heikki Aittokoski, who received a handsome reward for his courageous reporting last week. He answered from Kabul and said that presently he could do nothing about the matter. I gathered he wasn't interested. Neither was anyone else in the biggest - and to many Finns, the only - newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat. Frustrated, I contacted the hag herself, Kislichenko. She wouldn't remove the address from her post, no matter what. As I threatened to contact Livejournal - the provider of the platform for her blog - so they could remove her hate post (trying to remind her that in the West, we still had these little things called laws), she threatened to publish the address on ten new platforms, if that came to pass. Sadly, I should have been the target of her breach to be able to file a complaint. So the matter was forgotten, and the story dried up.

The most disgusting phenomenon, in the mixt of all this, is the indifference of the Finnish media towards the matter. You know, we pretend to be a Western country. But that is just a bedtime story.

Oh, I read from an openly pro-Putin site here that Kislichenko is involved in a "Mercy Project" with the Orthodox Church.

Damn, it sounds just right.

PS. You can find the Hag Blog over here:

I thought a couple of years have passed since the mess, but the noise around Hautala started in March, I believe, and ended in October last year. Time surely flies when you're having fun with the pro-Putin scum.

I wrote to Mark Bennetts about the matter, and here is his answer:

Hello Matti,

Thanks for this. It's interesting, but i think a Finnish journalist would find it easier to work on it.


Yeah, in the best of all possible worlds that would be, like, their job.

Pro-Russians in Pohjois-Haaga

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