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TILIKUM Chomsky Speaks Per Anum

[The Zombie Marxist Cookbook cont'd]

FLOWER  We're putting up a website. Could use a real writer like you.

TANNER  Is there money in it?

FLOWER  We are able to pay a little. Say, twenty for a published article.

TANNER  Twenty? Wow. I'm in.

FLOWER  Great. I brought you some material. Check them out, and I'll get back to you at the end of the week. If you're able to cook something up before that, even better. Hit me with an email then. My address should be in there somewhere. Anyway, it's easy: "flow" like the festival, "sho" like sure, written in Faulknerian...

TANNER  Um, ex...

FLOWER  ... or shore minus (re mi fa so la si do).

TANNER  ... scuse me, I don't...

FLOWER  But I'm babbling. At chomskyite dot fi.


FLOWER  Chomskyite. You know who Chomsky is? Don't you?

TANNER  Yes. Yes.


TANNER  The most important intellectual of our time. Living. The most important living intellectual of...

FLOWER  I got it. Thank you.

TANNER  How... You allowed to use his name, or just...

FLOWER  We are.

TANNER  You know him? Chomsky?

FLOWER  Not personally, no.

TANNER  You write to him? He writes to you?

FLOWER  Well, let's just say we have his recognition.

TANNER  Oh wow. I'll get right into it. I'll start studying, like, yesterday.

FLOWER  Good. Well, I better not keep you occupied any longer...

TANNER  No. Haha. Occupied, hahaha. Very funny. One more thing, though, before you go.

FLOWER  Yes? What is it?

TANNER  I can't use the computer.

FLOWER  Can't...?

TANNER  Or the phone.

FLOWER  Won't.

TANNER  Whatever. I don't use em.

FLOWER  May I ask why? No, let me guess...

TANNER  They have been "contaminated", I'm afraid.

FLOWER  Been watching too much porn lately?

TANNER  No! It's the, I don't know, uh...


TANNER  CIA, I think.

FLOWER  You mean NSA.

TANNER  That's right. The Snowden crew. Greenwald et cetera. No, not them. The ones they're afterr.

FLOWER  I see.

TANNER  Do you?

FLOWER  I think I do. And here's what we'll to do. I'll stop by again on Friday. You give me what you got, and I give you some new stuff to look into. Does that sound okay?


FLOWER  And remember what you wrote yourself. About eating the whale.

TANNER  One bite at a time.

FLOWER  Exactly. Destroy your opponents, one by one.

TANNER  If you say so.

FLOWER  I do. See you on Friday!

TANNER  And so my deal with the Devil was sealed. I started leafing through the so-called stuff, the propaganda she left competing with the opiate effects of her lingering perfume. I had grave difficulties concentrating. The genocide of Native Americans... meaning Indians, I suppose. Being a cowboy myself, I'll have to pass. The imperialistic war waged by the West in East Timor... What is this East Femur they can't shut their gabs about? Almost wish I could go to Google and check it out. The short history of Russia... Heaven help me, no. The short history of the People's Republic of China... What the hell am I supposed to make of these? Chinese rhymes with cheese.

Tim Buckley – I've been Out Walking

FLOWER  What you got?

TANNER  It's a riot seeing you, too. Sit down.

FLOWER  Wow. Where'd you get this?

TANNER  I wrote it.

FLOWER  No, I mean...

TANNER  Maybe I broke into the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In the old way.

FLOWER  It's, it's...

TANNER  Thick? I know there's a layer or two too many. I'm just a beginner when it comes to graffiti. Can you call it a graffiti if it's not on a wall?

FLOWER  It's quite funny.

TANNER  Thanks.

FLOWER  Seriously. I mean it.

TANNER  Now who wouldve thought that “Paint It Black actually had a message?

FLOWER  Let's see now.

TANNER  How to win the hearts of beautiful young ladies. Even if it's only an envelope.

FLOWER  “The most important battle these days is taking place on two fronts simultaneously...

TANNER Maybe that's what it is, an envelope.

FLOWER “From within the criminal enterprise we call corporate capitalism...

TANNER The heart, that is. Joint.

FLOWER “And from without.

TANNER Criminal enterprise. Of beautiful women.

FLOWER  If we remember one thing...


FLOWER  ... from the history of the Third Reich, or the fantasies of omnipotence followed to their bitter end...

TANNER Young, beautiful women.

FLOWER “... by another little emperor, the one from the 19th century, it should be this.

TANNER Never fuck with the elements. Or, having made up your mind about fucking with them, make sure they are not Russian elements. In that case, put a bullet in your brain. Its faster, more effective, and nearly painless, compared to the abyss of despair you are about to plunge yourself into...

FLOWER We cant use this.

TANNER Hell. That is hell as we know it. Why not?

FLOWER Too high-brow. Too obscure. What the hell happened? I understood you were writing about China?


FLOWER And that line about Russia, that was the last straw. Under no circumstances can we run a line like that. Are you out of your mind, or what?

TANNER It is not about Russia. It’s the elements.

FLOWER Do not tell me what it is! I am fully aware of what it is!

TANNER Touched a nerve there, did I? FLOWER This is it. We’re done.


FLOWER Goodbye!

[Continued... HERE.]

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