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BoD Sucks You Dry

Just a quick note to all you wannabe writers out there. There's a German company called Bullies on Demand, and they offer you a possibility to publish your own book for a measly 100 euros each!

For those of you who are jumping up and down from enthusiasm at this tremendous opportunity, just as I did, back in the day, I ask you to hear me out. Slow down a bit. Read the fine print. Please.

In addition to that 100, and the price of the copies you order, BoD charges you 23.85 per year for each book...  for what? They must have good reason for asking you for MORE money, you'd think. And they do. They spend your 50  euros or more at storing your files on Dropbox or someplace. (Last time I checked, that didn't cost me anything at all, as a private person, for other files than those hijacked by the Bullies, but hey - that was before CDU won yet another election.)

And, if you start having second thoughts about this great career opportunity, once you've signed "the contract," you'll have to BUY yourself out of it... for a fee (359 euros per book) I was told, that will cost you a lot more than the 50 euros x 50 years or so.

While there's a site that offers you all of this, and you don't have to pay a single cent for it. That is, they do it for FREE. You pay only for the copies you order for yourself and your cat.

Wonder why Germany is the engine of the whole European economy?

Or is it an engine? Or a goddamn copy machine that devours all the energy we can summon up, while spitting out its smudgy prints one crumbled copy at a time?

Oh boy. We've come a long way since the Gütenbergs. And maybe I don't want to see my writing in print after all.

A choice between the US and Germany is no choice at all. It is a necessity.

So let's keep listening to that cell phone of Merkel's. It is in our self-interest to do so. Our will to live is at stake here.

Stay away from those bullies. That's all I ask. Or, to use that Newspeak of theirs, demand.

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