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(Life, Revisited)

Day before Valentines, I bought myself suspenders.

I'd been thinking about it, talking about it, at work, where else,

for some time. It was time for action, using as few words as possible.

I accomplished that, bought those things, put them on sitting

on a train, waiting for it to leave the Railway Station.

Knew zilch about suspenders, how to use them properly,

how to adjust them in order not to make a

complete fool out of myself. Standing up, walking,

I felt elated: those bands lifted me, felt like Jesus

or a puppet on a string, dancing,

walking on water. I sat down,

was dragged down, crouching more than ever,

an old man at the end of his tether,

just hanging there, waiting, with nothing to share,

a band of elastic let loose.

                                                   Overreaching, underachieving

the story of my life,

the day came, still

sitting here, thinking,

on the floor of my apartment,

if I'm ever gonna amount and how. Have to rearrange

what I've accomplished, if there is such a thing.

Must do that. Sitting here, thinking,

Gonna adjust them suspenders

first thing tomorrow.

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  1. Hälytys repii
    ylös kunnon ihmistä.
    Herätköön ken voi!
    Minen mene mihinkään
    karvapallon kyljestä.