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A Message from the Grave

"Sit tight, and keep your knees together. You'll be just fine."

That's what I tell the kids at the bathroom of the day care center
where I work at. I've said so many times, in fact, I've started believing
in it myself.

Nothing, of course, could be further away from the truth.

I found the three volumes of history of Nokia -
the corporation, not the town -
at the garbage shed in Grbavica, Helsinki,
or Kannelmäki, as it was known in the past, yesterday.
This is the third video I've used the book collection in.
It's the story of Finland in 6 minutes,
accompanied by the late, GREAT
Tim Buckley.
Something tells me
the books are outdated - or else, why would
someone have left them in the shed?
What spoke the strongest of the
sadly and abrubtly ended life
of the three-book-
package was, however,
the fact that the volumes,
two out of three at least,
were written in Finnish.
Well, hello, beautiful!
Or so the titles suggested, anyway,
"Sturm und Drang,"
"Fuusio" and
the last being the most beautiful word
in our language, if you
asked the opinion of
former President of the country,
Mrs Halonen.
But nobody does. Her days are gone,
and so are ours, and it's for the best.
No one writes a company's history -
or any history, I presume -
in their native tongue any more.
Not much else, either. My dabbling
of late in the field of Literature
is just a tiny drop of proof
in the vast, not-so-
Pacific Ocean.

Once a year just isn't enough.
And Lily knows it. And Tim knew it, too.
One final laugh from the Master:
Wikipedia informed me moments ago that,
'The "Carnival Song" which appears here
is not the song of the same name from Goodbye and Hello,
but an entirely different composition.'
That figures. He was a crazy son of a bitch and he was my brother. 

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