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Roberto Bolaño, the Chilean bad boy of Spanish literature (one lady from Chile told me he was Mexican, that’s how bad) made fun of the prophet of all the Aryan brotherhood boys in his book Nazi Literature in the Americas.
The English translation was published in 2008, the original in 1996, when the influence of The Turner Diaries, a racist fantasy written by William Luther Pierce, was well-known, after the Oklahoma bombing a year before. Timothy McVeigh was found guilty of the crime, sentenced to death and executed. McVeigh had had photocopies of The Turner Diaries in his car when he was arrested. 
Since then, another insect, a Norwegian signing his rantings as Anders Behring (his last name being Breivik) has joined the inner Pierce circle. Which would be pathetic, if it weren’t so deeply tragic. Pierce didn’t want to have anything to do with Oklahoma in the first place, and said so on TV. Even an incurable Nazi had to look away in disgust, as these guys set their sorry plans into motion. Maybe they would have done it no matter what. But the ultimate inspiration came from William Luther Pierce, even if the tortured hero of the KKK (among others) had a slight case of cold feet in the end. Anyhow, he was their Man, The Godfather of Oslo, Utøya and Oklahoma, whether he wanted it or not. He had written The Iliad for the poor white trash.
Words move in mysterious ways, especially ones bursting with bitterness and hatred, feeding on an inferiority complex the size of a limp elephant. Ask Jussi Halla-aho from Finland. He will decline to comment, though. That’s his MO. 
In Nazi Literature William Pierce is called Zach Sodenstern. Bolaño devotes four pages to Sodenstern, explaining in detail the apocalyptic world and quasi religion introduced in the voluminous “work” of this  imaginary cult author. Sodenstern dies in 2021 and has produced at least 13 novels, while William Pierce, at the time of his death, had only managed two. Differences aside, the subject matter of the two “novelists” is very much alike.
Revolution consists basically of dialogues between O’Connell and his dog Flip plus various secondary episodes of extreme violence set in a ruined Los Angeles. The Crystal Cathedral is a story about God, fundamentalist preachers and the ultimate meaning of life.”
The Cephalopods records O’Connell’s trip to San Francisco with Flip and their adventures in that city (where gays and lesbians rule supreme). Warriors of the South relates the clash between earthquake survivors in California and millions of hungry Mexicans marching northward en masse, devouring everything in their path.”
Soon, the author’s vision disintegrates. “The characters are designated by letters or numbers, and the texts are not so much scrambled puzzles as fragments of scrambled puzzles.”
The work is left unfinished. The surviving sketches reveal how the story is supposed to end. The penultimate novel “would have narrated a long vigil: O’Connell, Flip, Anita [the teenage mistress of the hero] and the members of the Fourth Reich awaiting the birth of a new Messiah. The final, unfinished novel would probably have explored the consequences of the Messiah’s coming. In a file on his computer, Sodenstern noted that the Messiah could be Flip’s son, but there is nothing to suggest that this was more than verbal doodling.”
The Messiah as a puppy is an epiphany that I think even the followers of William Luther Pierce, the religious fanatics of the far right, would have a hard time swallowing.
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Roberto Bolaño: Nazi Literature in the Americas. Translated from the Spanish by Chris Andrews, Picador 2010. Pages 112 – 115.
PS. This is just a literary question, of course, but words do have consequences, as we have seen. Bolaño was one of the bravest authors that I have heard about, in life and in writing. He really pushed the boundaries of literature, as his “unfinished” masterpiece 2666 shows. In politics, he and Stieg Larsson stand above everyone. To quote Gary Oldman in Léon, “Every one!”
PPS. Gates of Vienna must be a reference to Beethoven hiding under a table as Napoleon’s cannons bombarded the city. A table, a gate. So there has been an error when the page was titled. Tables of Vienna, it ought to be called. Or maybe – maybe – just Gays.

The piece above was written in 2011 or 2012. The person who wrote it does not exist any more.

Please be patient with the Texas video. The true horror starts after 10 minutes or so.

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