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Anti-Russian Treaty Organisation #ARTO

The West has turned lazy and sloppy to such a degree that it has completely lost its shit. The US hasn't attacked anyone in a long, long time. And it won't do so, which their president has been kind enough to tell all the dictators and terrorists of the 21st century. 

When the Democrats were able to sneak their representative into the White House, a power vacuum in the world was indeed created. The void wasn't situated where everyone had anticipated while celebrating the end of the Cold War, however.

CW - pun intended - didn't go anywhere. It was just that one of the main parties in it vanished from the face of the earth, and I'm not talking about the Soviet Union, either.

The Western Europe is more useless than ever, and that means only barely alive. Well, what in the world can we do?

Hope arrives from the East... seriously. I'm not talking through a mouthful of sour grapes, although it's not Russia or China or even Japan I'm counting on. Let's not forget the countries of the former Eastern Bloc, their hard-earned expertise in the current affairs. People there have paid all-too-dearly for the Russian Messiah Syndrome or Christ Complex or whatever the fuck it is called. For decades. And I'm kneeling in the mud at present, hat in hand, asking for induction into the Hall of Fame for my poor, wretched country, which is No Funland. We don't deserve to be part of them, in any way. I know that. Show us some mercy, that's all I'm asking.

A new military alliance is needed in Europe - and, what the hell? In Asia, too. And let the records show that I was the one who came up with the name for it, my only contribution for the world peace, barring the insistence on urgent pre-emptive strikes by the alliance, now.... The name, yes. And just to clear any misinterpretations, the short for it, Arto, is also a first name used for the male human species in my country.

Oh, well... if you've read this far, you already know what the full name is.

If not, check the caption, again and again.

Take care, and


since that is the only way to stop him, ever.


Matti Paasio

He looks like a goddamn... SEA MARK.

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