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Apologies to Putin and @pussyrrriot

I am sorry for using the name of Pussy Riot in my blog posts. My intentions were good, mostly. The question is, what is good in my case?

I write for the same reasons that Slavoj Žižek does. I'm positive about it. Is Slavoj good?

I thought I could cleanse myself of my past through writing.

I spoke to my Muse the same way Pussy Riot had addressed Saint 


Virgin Mary, Mother of God
Chase Putin out.

Alas, it didn't work. There was nothing to tell. Which brings us to the real scheming behind my decision to involve Pussy Riot as a topic in my posts.

I wanted to highlight the difference between activists, say, in Russia and my home country. Pussy Riot had focus, their subject matter was burning hot. In Finland, the so-called intellectual debate reminds you of a night at the morgue. And I'm not talking about the scene in Requiem for a Dream (the novel), either.

Tomorrow we are heading for our funeral. A quick stop by the furnace, and then, we shall receive such a beautiful ceremony, a solemn celebration of our death. It will be arranged by the very same guy Virgin Mary should have driven out of the temple. Should have lashed him. He's a stubborn guy; he won't believe you otherwise.

Bury me at sea where no murdered ghost

can haunt me
If I rock upon the waves no corpse can lie upon me 

House of the Lord is no currency exchange. Well, nobody wants to change currency with him anyway any more. So that problem solves itself, kind of.

It is not fair. Not fair to hit my fellow native activists on the head with Pussy Riot. The competition is just too brutal for us, globally, aesthetically, in every way. Finns weren't made to last.

So, my apologies to everyone involved, or not.

Apologies to Mr Putin as well, for not stating clearly enough what I meant by the dedication of my book to him.

The dedication goes, Comrade P - VVP.

VVP means, in addition to the president himself, vedä vittu päähäs. This translates into English, clumsily, as "pull a pussy over your head."

And he might just have done that.


You can read the first part of the apology here.

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