(Inside me, it was...)


Mapplethorpe & Foucault

After studying the works and lives of Robert Mapplethorpe and Michel Foucault for some time now, I can sum up what I've learned from these individuals in a sentence:

Keeping the kitchen counters clean is good for you.

*   *   *

Tutkittuani kylliksi Robert Mapplethorpen ja Michel Foucault'n teoksia ja elämää saatan täten tiivistää yhteen lauseeseen kaiken, minkä olen heiltä oppinut.

Keittiön tasot on syytä pitää puhtaina.


My Nietzschean project is to transform at least parts of my home as not to resemble Grozny in the noughties any more. The interior, that is, the exterior being what it is. I know, it's sacrilegious, but it is my home... for now.


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